Smarter Enterprise Messaging

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  • Dynamic messaging web platform
  • A2P SMS alert notifications
  • Reminders & confirmations via SMS
  • Two-factor authentication, plus more...
  • Deploy across multiple facilities
  • Easy to set up, get started quickly

Manage Critical Incidents

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  • Accelerate response times using SMS
  • Deploy quickly using SMS templates
  • Respond to any incident quickly
  • Track responses in real-time
  • Efficiently escalate no response messages

Template Messaging

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  • Scripted messaging with SMS templates
  • Control templates with admin functionality
  • Deploy across multi-site organisations
  • Enable editable input fields for flexibility
  • "Lock" template to ensure no errors

Programmable Messaging APIs

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  • Reliable enterprise APIs: HTTP, HTTPS, SMPP
  • SMTP API for high volume email to SMS
  • Intelligent & flexible ?smart? API features
  • Create or delete contacts & groups via APIs
  • Eliminate server-side operations via REST APIs

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